Who are we? Well funny you should ask. We are professional haulers and many of us have even worked at the other companies. I myself spent a number of years at the world's largest hauling company and in fact, it was while working there that the idea for this came to me.

It is never easy being the determining factor and say-all end-all for someone else's personal property, and as a hauler, it is pretty standard to be the axe at the chopping block. Often there are people who believe their items to have high value, that matches the sentimental value that they put on the item. This is not always the case, and its the haulers job to decide if they should take the extra time needed out of their likely already busy route to try and keep this potentially valuable item safe. Sometimes it can be worth it, and nothing is more rewarding then dropping off a new table and chairs set at a local Salvation Army, but that is a LOT of extra work, and having worked in multiple companies, I can say from experience that sometimes an item may actually have been in PERFECT shape and the price tag could very well have been in the 10's of THOUSANDS of dollar range ($10,000-$20,000) isn't very uncommon for some of the things haulers have been known to pick up- but there just is never enough time in the day to do all that they wish they could. Sometimes it may have even been there intention to donate the items, or at the very least bring them back to the central warehouse to be brought to a donation center at a later date, but its not always in the cards. With a junk-life, anything can happen.

I took an extra hour wrapping and protecting this brand-new office vending machine in my first-year, and as soon as I had it ready to load, my boss sends us a text to go and swap our full truck for an empty as the next customer had requested us come empty since their estimated load was over 4 trucks.

NO WAY! That's when it hit me. There is SO much amazing stuff being wasted because the other guy's base their business around removing items based on volume and set their prices based on how much local transfer stations charge to drop off the items, and hopefully recycle them.

This is where WE FIT IN! Call us out FIRST! THATS RIGHT! FIRSSSST! We will come out, take a look at your stuff, pull out the donateables and STAGE everything else and give you a rough idea on what the other guys will estimate the load size to be, (Because remember, we ARE PROFESSIONALS and we will make it as compact and ready as possible. We know not only what they will want to load first, but where to leave it so that when the other guys arrive, their estimate will be more accurate as opposed to items being spread out all over the place, and the time it takes for them to load will have decreased, and when that happens it equates to the customer being able to save a little money!

Lets recap the pros.

1) Donations actually have a 90-100% higher chance of being repurposed instead of accidentally or intentionally recycled due to availability/time

2)Less items =less volume=less cost to you!

3) Staging makes estimates easier and more accurate, and faster loading times for the company you are going to use for the actual removal if you haven't already decided to go with us ;) (We do it all at Mod Haul)-we also don't like getting in the middle of relationships so if you already have a favorite service provider, we are happy to see you stick with them, just don't forget we can STILL SAVE YOU money, and make sure the donations are donated, as its what we have a passion for doing here at Mod Haul.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly if you have any questions as we know its a lot to take in and since the stuff you are thinking about getting rid of might have value still, why risk it just being junked? We work closely with some non-profit organizations to ensure that the nice things dont just get broken to pieces and made into pressed furniture.

ITs just worth it to place One Call before them all. Call us now at

1-877-9MODHAUL or 1-877-966-4328

We truly appreciate your business.