What is it that we do again?

First, we keep you and your families safe by practing safe, social distancing, adhering to the law set forth from guidelines of the CDC and we are not in any kind of rush- but instead will take our time to ensure proper sanitization has happened once we have finished helping you. In the event that you need to be right with us to ensure 100% accuracy or if you are trying to locate something in a pile of debris you wanted us to prep- we have full sealed gas masks we carry-however we do have to charge for this additional feature as the cartridges get pretty expensive. You do an initial walk through with full suit so we can guarantee accuracy.

We come before the other guy's and help you by sorting your items out, then we take out the donations and get them photographed if needed, wrapped securely, loaded into our donation truck and then off they go to the local donation centers or needy families (sometimes as you may well know the donation centers are full, another reason your stuff may just be junked if you don't give us a call before the haul!) After sorting and itemizing what we think has value for re-purposing, we stage the remainder of your items in such a way that compacts them and creates an efficient load zone with items placed according to how the other guy's will want to place them in their truck, and so that it takes less time to estimate the job more accurately and load the items from a safe distanced zone chosen for speed, health, and visibility. Because we at Mod Haul, believe you should not be left wondering if the truck was packed as efficiently as you would like, since volume = money when it comes to this trade!

We at Mod Haul have always practiced safe health techniques even before the CDC told the world to take extra precaution and have less contact with our peers. We at Mod Haul tend to be more of the mindset that we take care of our bodies, and that means wearing proper safety equipment like OSHA-regulated footwear, gloves, constant hand-washing and we even take the time to clean any mess that we have made, or that will directly inhibit the next guys from performing their duties in a satisfactory manner.

If you need help with anything at all, it is our pleasure to assist you in any way that we can, and more often than not, we will do this free of charge as long as it is helping you achieve a desired goal that would have been otherwise impossible without the additional hands.

an example- Susie lived alone, and at 57 she didn't really want to have the team in her house to remove the 40 year old sofa her and her husband Tim bought together. At the same time she knew it was time for it to go! Susie couldn't even call her grand kids to help as they were all readying their families for the oncoming disaster. So Susie either kept the couch, or risked letting the team that was in usually in a rush to get her stuff out when she's had them over and yea they are always fast and great but now she wasn't prepared to deal with it and didn't want whoever came to rush to their next appointment and maybe they didn't take the time to get to know Susie was very very reluctant to let that couch go, so if they did like last time they had to remove her hutch and one of them was about to offer to CUT IT UP with a saw! (OH MY) yea, we avoided that one for Susie alright. A friend of Susie's had used us the week before and referred us saying we "We are simply the dream team" and thanks to her friend, Susie had us out to remove the couch.

She called to book, and we arrived within 10 minutes before we promised her window. After properly introducing ourselves 15'-20' (we discussed prior to arriving over the phone ) from the door without face coverings but in direct line of visible sight, and as soon as Susie recognized us from the description and waved us on, we gloved up, masked up, and made our way inside to the item we knew would be not only a challenge to remove, but cause a little emotional stress for Susie. We were prepared and talked thru the removal of the sofa and by the end of moving it outside you could see the beaming smile she had even thru her mask! Job well done guys. Susie did ask that we refrain from using her sofa removal company choice from this reiteration, however she did wink when she said it. Thanks for going with us Susie! We can't wait to send you that pic we promised!